Ruwan Heggelman

''As a fiction director and screenwriter, I approach stories with
a lot of curiosity for the dark side of humanity.”



GNOMES will give you a sneak peek into the bloody, vile and horrific world of the killer gnome. A creature hatched by the creative brains of Richard Raaphorst and Ruwan Heggelman. Very much unlike the friendly gnomes we all know from our childhood, these gnomes are bloodthirsty torturers, strategic killers, and most of all: coming to get you…

Genre: Horror comedy
Release: 2022



A dimension-shifting mime player is disturbed in his peace by a student fraternity. His response is unexpected: by using the fourth wall, he turns their world on its head; literally. However, his powers are useless to achieve romance. Will he find a human way to express his feelings?

Genre: Dark fantasy
Release: 2021

Fiction portfolio

Director, writer & producer


I Can Fly

The 22-year-old Lisa is approached on the street by the 23-year-old Sven, after a flirt and a joke, Sven asks Lisa the question: Do you believe that I can fly?

Genre: Romantic fantasy



Dutchtown gives a glimpse into a nationalist company taking its first steps. A short film created from my ambivalent feelings surrounding my adoption.

Genre: Sci-fi mockumentary


Best Friends

Can a lifelong friendship last if one of the two turns into a zombie?
A epic zombie comedy film with a huge Dutch cast, created with over 200 volunteers.

Genre: Horror comedy

VR portfolio

Shoot, edit & writer


After The Fall
Horde Mode trailer

The wave-based Horde Mode trailer for After The Fall, including a tease for the upcoming After The Fall content.

Release Date Trailer

Satchel (Russ Parrish) narrates this release date trailer for the air guitar VR game Unplugged.


After The Fall
Boulevard trailer

A short snappy trailer showcasing the Boulevard update content for After The Fall.

Hi world!

I graduated from the HKU as a fiction director and screenwriter with the Tuschinski nominated film 'Best Friends'. Like life, I use multiple genres to tell a story, with a lot of curiosity for the dark side of humanity. Collaboration is central to me, so the focus is on the social connection during the creative process.


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